These are some pictures from my project “The day that life seemed endless,” which I am working on at the moment. It is about the vulnerability of the human race. My previous project had as theme mortality, the fear of becoming invisible. I realized while making that series, that you also can be ambushed by death. I wanted to catch the intimate moments when people are caught by a sudden death. I found inspiration for this series in the volcano eruption at Pompeii  AD 79. Villagers from the Italian village were overwhelmed by a cloud of volcanic ash and immortalized instantly. Like a photograph: people turned into living statues within seconds, and through the years they became icons from a forgotten time. What would these images look like now, if the same disaster were to happen again? “The day that life seemed endless”  reminds us not only of the tragic disaster in Pompeii, but it is also a mirror, in which the vulnerability of the human race is reflected.

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