In my photo project, I reflect on a deeply personal journey that began with an exploration of impermanence and the fear of fading into oblivion. However, during this process, both on a personal level and through events in the world around us, it became clear to me that impermanence is not for everyone. Sometimes life can end abruptly, without warning or mercy.

In my photographs, I try to capture this contrast: the impermanence of everything around us versus the beauty of the present moment. The raw emotions of loss and finality mix with a deep appreciation for life and all its facets. I want to invite the viewer to reflect on the temporality of our existence and embrace its meaning.

The images in this project range from serene landscapes and hushed moments to vivid portraits and powerful scenes that underscore the transience of life. Each photograph tells a story about its own impermanence, but also about the resilience and beauty that comes from realising that every day is a gift.

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