Dienie Brouwer



Dienie Brouwer is a fine art photographer and artist.  She graduated cum laude from Foto Academy Amsterdam with her cinematic installation Poetry in Motion 2019, which depicts a layered world. She then attended master classes by Miho Kajioka in Naples and Machiel Botman in Amsterdam, among others. Since then she has also published several new works, such as Transience (Foto Festival Naarden 2021) and All humans are mortal (London, 2022). Both exhibitions show us a world in which there is a wafer-thin dividing line between life and death. In her work, Dienie Brouwer fuses poetic images with new technical concepts, always looking for the layers, the stories that lie hidden behind the raw reality.


The common thread in my projects is the fear of transience, and with that the fear of becoming a spectator of my life instead of a participant in it. All those people around us die every day. I find that a frightening thought. Every time a world of memories disappears. But at the same time, I wonder if mortality is such a bad thing. Maybe we should accept transience, even embrace it, because it also has a certain beauty. In my work, I distinguish two types of transience: slow transience, which is synchronous with time. And rapid transience, where a sudden event radically changes people’s lives.

  • HARIBAN Juror's Choice Award
  • Finalist GUP NEW Photography Talent Award 2021
  • Featured as part of Life Framer Collection 2020
  • Fresh eyes talent 2020
  • Shortlist Siena Creative Photo Award 2020
  • Published in Art Doc online exhibition 2020
  • Publication in photo magazine PF 2021
  • Selected for Art Doc special Inspiration page 2020
  • Publication in photo magazine PF 2022