The day that life seemed endless

These are some pictures from my project “The day that life seemed endless,”which I am working on at the moment. It’s about how vulnerable we are as human beings. My previous work was about mortality, the fear of becoming invisible, but I realised while making that series, how nice it is when you can experience mortality. What if you are overwhelmed by death? Because we as humans are just a very small pawn in this big world.My inspiration for this series is the disaster at Pompeii. The disaster at Pompeii was a brutal attack of death. Villagers from the Italian village were overwhelmed by a cloud of volcanic ash and immortalised instantly. Like a photograph: living statues they became, icons from a forgotten time. What would these images look like now, if the same disaster were to happen now, more than 19 centuries later?revisited lets a disaster happen again, but in the present. It offers a mirror for humanity, in a time when the vulnerability of the race is more obvious than ever.